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Need to book music for a wedding, or special event?

As a soloist, or with additional musicians I can design a musical experience you'll be sure to enjoy!



I play a variety of styles of music from Jazz, Blues, Brazilian Bossa Novas to Pop tunes and some Classical as well. My instrument is either a Jazz guitar, accoustic nylon string or accoustic steel string guitar.

Infant Joy - Christain Foley-Beining
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Ticket To Ride - Christian Foley-Beining
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O Grande Amore - Christain Foley-Beining
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I offer many different formations of professional musicians. Ensemble options are guitar and bass, guitar and sax/flute, guitar and vocals. Other instruments can also be arranged.

Trio or Quartet.


The trio setting creates a much fuller sound and is usually enhanced by a drummer. The standard formation is guitar, bass and drums, but I also offer guitar, bass and sax/flute, or vocals. In addition,  vocals, guitar and percussion can be added for Brazilian music.


The quartet is a very upbeat formation with guitar, bass, drums and sax/flute or vocals or piano. Many other combinations are available.

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